Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Will I ever officially change my name?

MTH is wondering if I'll officially change my name. Of course, I will eventually. The problem is that the government makes you go in person to the Social Security Administration. It makes sense to have to go in person but the problem is the long lines. Work has been pretty busy lately so I haven't felt like I had the time to do it. Then, I'll still have to stand in line for my passport and then my driver's license. The only reason MTH hasn't pushed it too much is that he knows he would never take the time to do this if it was his responsibility. He still hasn't even sent his groomsmen's gifts!!!

I think I should have included this one in my resolutions. I'll add it now. My resolution is to have my name changed officially by the end of March.

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ETK said...

Wow, end of March huh? I just finally got mine officially changed last week (SSA was the last). Of course, I did have that issue where I had to go to court and have that done formally, which took 3 months in itself. Anyway, long story short - changing your name (even without the legal pain of mine) is a huge pain in the butt!