Monday, February 06, 2006


It's almost time for the next big sporting event - Winter Olympics. I love watching the Olympics although I really hate the "human interest" stories that NBC must show every 30 minutes. I just want to watch the sports with commentators who speak in "facts" not in opinions that are so pro-American, it's embarrassing. I realize that each athlete is there to win the Gold but I do think that they are mostly good sportsmen and don't go around rubbing the other countries noses in their wins.

My favorite events are: skiing, figure skating and ski jumping.

I like the Summer Olympics better but it's still fun to watch this one.

I don't actually know the date that it starts but I'm sure MTH will let me know :)

He's been pushing for a new flat screen TV. I'd rather wait a little while. We need new shelves so it would be better to wait until we got those and could "fit" the TV in.


QY said...

I like to watch figure skating as well. We can certainly chat then. :) but Michelle is no longer my favorate skater :(

ETK said...

You should definitley get a flat screen. :) Husband loves his.... :) Not much of a fan of the olympics myself. How was Bon Jovi?? You never reported on that!!!

MMH said...

I did make a small report on Bon Jovi on 2/4. I'm waiting on QY to upload the pix. We'll definitely get a flat screen one day.

MMH said...

QY - we'll have to watch when we're in RIC.