Thursday, November 06, 2008

I figured out the word I wanted

I hope that the Democrats are gracious and don't gloat too much.

Tired of Hearing It

As you may have noticed, I don't usually air my opinions here especially if they're of the political or religious nature. But, after Tuesday's election, I just had to post about this thought.

Why do people like to say dramatic but untrue things? On Facebook, I have an interesting set of friends. Most of my "newer" friends are more liberal and therefore were very behind Obama. Given that I'm from South Georgia, a lot of my "older" friends there were behind McCain (not sure if anyone was very behind him though). Note that "newer" mean that I've met them in the past 10 years or so and "older" means that I've known them a long time. Anyway, it was fun to read the statuses of people on Tuesday and Wednesday. But, I was definitely annoyed by the people who had backed McCain talking about how small business owners better watch out. Or how socialism will have a negative effect on our country. Please, like we're going to become a Communist country or even like France. We're the United States of America with a mostly centrist leaning populace. We just hear the most from the two extremes.

I do really hope that there will be compromise. I hope that there's not too much pay back from the Democrats after 8 years of Republicans. Then, we'll just be in the same place we are today (or even worse). I do have hope that it'll be different.