Saturday, March 22, 2008

Coliseum Deli

I actually don't remember how I found this place. It's a little take out place on Broad in the bottom of the Coliseum Lofts across from the Kroger and Lowe's near VCU. The proprieter is from Iran. They have falafel, hummus, kebabs, dolmades and other Middle Eastern type foods on the menu. I always get the chicken kebabs. It comes with a nice fresh green salad with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and banana peppers (or something like that) herbed rice, yogurt sauce and a pita like bread. The bread is thicker and is not a pocket like pita so I'm assuming it's actually not pita but I don't know the name. I love the fact that the food is not too greasy and the garlic flavor is not overpowering like Athens Tavern's souvlaki.

A friend of ours had the falafel and she loved it. In the little store where you pick up the food, they have huge tubs of Bulgarian feta for sale as well as other Meditteranean and Middle EAstern spices and staples that you might like to try.

We will continue to eat take out from here!

Idealistic Mom Thoughts #1

Here are some things that I think I'm going to do:

1. cloth diapers with a diaper service - costs the same as disposables but is supposed to help prevent diaper rash as well as help the child potty train faster

2. nurse even once I go back to work - everyone has heard the benefits of nursing

3. make my own baby food (at least some of it) - I can see this one being the first one going out the window

4. toys without batteries - I absolutely hate batteries but have heard that everything takes a battery. I hope that there's some way I can get around needing too many of them.

I'm sure there will be more thoughts soon.

MTH's Upcoming Marathon

MTH is in the final stretch of training (or resting now) for the marathon next weekend in Atlanta. Two weeks ago, he twisted his ankle and it's still giving him some problems. I hope that he'll be able to finish the full marathon as he's worked really hard to get to this point! After the marathon, it'll be triathlon time. He's got a new bike which I'm sure he'll post about soon on his blog.


My clothes are starting not to fit. I'm pretty certain to someone that doesn't know, I do not look pregnant. But, I definitely am starting get a belly. Therefore, each morning is lots of fun trying to figure out what I'm going to wear. I bought something called a Bella Band. It's kind of like the panel of stretchy material that's sewn into maternity pants or a tube top. You unbutton your pants and wear it over the top of the pants in order to hide the fact that you've unbuttoned your pants. But, somehow I've lost it in my house along with a pair of jeans. So, yesterday and today, I used a rubber band looped through the button hole to extend my jeans. My plan is to go clothes shopping when I'm in Atlanta next weekend.

As a bonus, MTH wanted me to go ahead and post the pictures even though I don't think they turned out very well. Here they are :)

At 8 weeks

At 12 weeks - big difference!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Big News

I know it's been a long time since my last post. I've been keeping up with other blogs but haven't felt like updating my own. I think part of the reason was that I have some news but couldn't share it until now. MTH and I are expecting a little baby in mid-September. We're very excited! MTH wanted me to post the first ultrasounds here but the pictures of them didn't turn out very well. It would just look like big black blobs.

My hope is to get back into posting on the blog and NOT have all of my posts be about my pregnancy :) We'll see how it goes.