Saturday, March 22, 2008

Idealistic Mom Thoughts #1

Here are some things that I think I'm going to do:

1. cloth diapers with a diaper service - costs the same as disposables but is supposed to help prevent diaper rash as well as help the child potty train faster

2. nurse even once I go back to work - everyone has heard the benefits of nursing

3. make my own baby food (at least some of it) - I can see this one being the first one going out the window

4. toys without batteries - I absolutely hate batteries but have heard that everything takes a battery. I hope that there's some way I can get around needing too many of them.

I'm sure there will be more thoughts soon.


ETK said...

I really like the idea of toys without batteries - seems like it would exercise the imagination more....but what do I know? :)

Nikol said...

I don't know you, but am a friend of Loud. Best wishes with the new baby! All the things on your list are much easier than you might think and are well worth it. Check out Fuzzy Bunz to avoid a diaper service - can be more costly and yucky. Making the food is easier than you think if you already eat lots of veggies and fruits - you just reserve some for the baby from what you make for yourself, mash it and put it in cubes for lots and lots of meals later on. Nursing when you go back to work is really a great way to bond with baby when you are at home - even if you decide to eschew pumping, you can nurse in the mornings and evenings. Toys without batteries is really a tough one because people give noisy gifts, but I bet you'll find that they play with the non-batteried much more often because they require imagination and are not as passive as batteried least that's my experience. Congrats!!