Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Internet is Back On

We've figured out how to get the internet to work but not the wireless part yet. We'll probably end up waiting on the wireless until we move to our new place.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Quick Update

We've moved to Richmond and are living in our temporary housing. I currently don't have access to the internet at home so will not be able to fully update until we get that fixed. Hopefully we'll get it up and running soon!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Something to Remember

On Monday, I tried to use my credit card but it was blocked. So, when I got home, I checked my home phone messages and sure enough, the credit card company had called me. I called back to find out that my card number had been stolen and had been used for fraudulent charges. One of the charges was for $2100 worth of items from the Coach website. You may laugh since you know that I love Coach but when I though about it more, it's actually not a laughing matter. There are a few different things that those people might have done with the merchandise. One is that they could have just wanted to send it back for a refund. Btu, that's unlikely because these days I think that most companies make you get the refund on the card that you bought it with. The more likely scenario is that they were buying them in order to sell them cheap on the street or on eBay. So, next time you see a street vendor with a great deal on a purse or you think about bidding on an auction on eBay to pay a lower price for an item, remember that it could have been stolen. But, it wasn't necessarily stolen from a store (only affecting the store); it could have been stolen using someone's credit card. That person may not be as lucky as me since the credit card company in my case was able to block the charges and never thought that I was making the charges.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Keep Your Fingers Crossed

MTH and I put a contract on a house in Richmond today. So, keep your fingers crossed that everything will work out. We're really excited about the house. It was built in the early 1900's but has been recently renovated. Hopefully some of you can come to visit and check it out in person. Phoebe should love the place as it's about 3 times the size of our current house. If you've seen our current house, you'll realize that doesn't mean that the new house is going to be a mansion. Instead, it means that the house will be a normal sized one! There will be no bocce ball tournaments in the backyard of this place but there is a park nearby that will hopefully work!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

If The World Made Sense

The bowl games would have the following sponsors:

Minute Maid Orange Bowl
FTD Rose Bowl
Dixie Crystals Sugar Bowl
Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (that one is real)

Friday, January 05, 2007

National Portrait Gallery

MTH and I went to the re-opened Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery last Friday. That was probably one of my more fun days during my 2 week vacation. As I mentioned in an earlier post, MTH and I had some wellness issues while on vacation. Both of us didn't feel well at different points during our time off which made it not as fun as it should have been. Anyway, we headed down to the Gallery Place area for lunch and then the museum. We ended up having lunch at Fado's. I had a very good beef stew and MTH had a buffalo grilled chicken sandwich. We then spent over 2 1/2 hours in the museum. The President's portrait section was the most interesting to me. There was a blurb about each president. I had this book when I was younger that had a one page bio about each president. It only went through the 40th president (George Sr.). Although I didn't memorize the president's in order, it did help to me actually have heard of all of the presidents. It was amazing how much I remembered from that book. Like I said, not that I could have recited it but it still reminded me of when I would read anything so I would have something to read. Even the president's book for the 50th time!

Of course, the portrait gallery is much too large to see in one visit. MTH and I will have to go back to see the rest. Plus, it has special exhibitions all the time so there will always be something new to see.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Resolution Number Three

Figure out what I want to do when I grow up. I’ve been doing the same thing basically for the past 8 years. It really feels like it’s time for a change especially since we’re moving to a new place.

Resolution Number Two

Get back into working out once we’ve moved to Richmond. I still need to decide what “working out” means. It may be something other than running in order to do something different. The great thing about running though is that there’s no equipment needed except a good pair of shoes.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Trip to NYC

MTH is on "vacation" until around 1/22. During that time, he actually has a lot to get done. Work out as much as possible, ensure the house is ready to be sold, play golf with his Dad, go on a trip with me, find us a place to live in Richmond. Actually, the nice part is we get corporate housing for the first 2 months so will have time to find a place once we're there. Also, since we've lived there before, we know the neighborhoods and already have an idea of what we want.

Well, about the trip to NYC. We had thought about trying to go somewhere warm but for some reason couldn't pull the trigger. I think the reason for me at least was that we've had some travel bad luck over the past month and a half. When we went to Key West in November, we got record low temperatures. When we went to Wintergreen (for snowboarding) before Christmas, we got warm temperatures (along with a sick MTH). Therefore, I'd like to take a lower risk vacation this time. NYC seems like the right place for that. Plus, we should be able to see EE and her new baby as well as MKN and her new baby. Yes, there's something in the water :)

We're also planning on going to see Spamalot on Broadway. We'll check out at least one museum and otherwise, if the weather allows, just walk around and enjoy the city.

Resolution Number One

Do not move anything to Richmond that we will not use.

Happy New Years!

Hope everyone had a great New Years eve. MTH and I had a low key but fun one in Baltimore. I'll share my resolutions soon :)