Saturday, January 20, 2007

Something to Remember

On Monday, I tried to use my credit card but it was blocked. So, when I got home, I checked my home phone messages and sure enough, the credit card company had called me. I called back to find out that my card number had been stolen and had been used for fraudulent charges. One of the charges was for $2100 worth of items from the Coach website. You may laugh since you know that I love Coach but when I though about it more, it's actually not a laughing matter. There are a few different things that those people might have done with the merchandise. One is that they could have just wanted to send it back for a refund. Btu, that's unlikely because these days I think that most companies make you get the refund on the card that you bought it with. The more likely scenario is that they were buying them in order to sell them cheap on the street or on eBay. So, next time you see a street vendor with a great deal on a purse or you think about bidding on an auction on eBay to pay a lower price for an item, remember that it could have been stolen. But, it wasn't necessarily stolen from a store (only affecting the store); it could have been stolen using someone's credit card. That person may not be as lucky as me since the credit card company in my case was able to block the charges and never thought that I was making the charges.

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loud said...

That's terrible - any idea how it got stolen? That sort of happened to me and it was really annoying and now I have to be home to get verification phone calls for any new credit. I hope they catch whoever did this!