Thursday, July 17, 2008

On my way to Atlanta

I'm looking forward to a fun weekend in Atlanta. Some great people have been planning a shower for me (and indirectly for MTH although he'll be out on the golf course). I'm really looking forward to what they have cooked up. I didn't even get a copy of the invitation so I'm assuming there are a few surprises. Plus, I'll get to see my friends including MAT who's done a lot of the planning and is coming all the way from SF. I'm hoping that 2.718 and ETK will be taking some pictures to share with me (hint, hint).

We're staying through Monday morning so that means we'll get to do some more catching up on Sunday too.

Friday, July 04, 2008

My Current Muses

I haven't gotten into photography like ETK but I do use my camera a fair amount. My two "muses" are MTH and Phoebe. Here's a few (plus two by MTH)

MTH starting his bike at the 2nd Annual I Love the Tavern Triathlon

MTH finishing the run at the triathlon - he's almost done!

Phoebe playing with her catnip filled mouse

Phoebe - in repose - by MTH

Phoebe, Looking Away - by MTH

Of course, the expectation is that I (and MTH) will have a new muse in less than 3 months! I'm sure you'll be inundated!

Prenatal Yoga

In my previous Yoga Update, I mentioned that I was going to try out a class at Ashtanga Richmond. Well, I really liked that class. The two classes are very different from one another.

The one that I attended originally (was located at Yoga Source but is now in a different location) uses a lot of props. We each have 2 blankets, a bolster, 2 blocks and sometimes a strap. For several of the poses, we have to get everything in place before we can do the pose. This class is run by a company called OmMama. They are in the process of opening a standalone prenatal/postpartum fitness and education center in the fall that will be near my house. I'll be able to take Peanut to the Itsy Bitsy Yoga classes. Check out this book.

The new one at Ashtanga Richmond uses only the yoga mat. It's quite different. We don't do the full Ashtanga series but we definitely are doing modified poses. She has us squatting and staying in that position for what seems like an eternity (and other poses that are not easy but will help us to stay strong throughout pregnancy).

In the end, I like each of them for different reasons. The OmMama class although easier still gives me a workout and makes me feel good after. We all go around the room at the beginning of class and give an update on how far along we are and any issues we're having (i.e. swelling, backaches, etc). The instructor usually tailors the class to those issues to help us understand things we can do at home to help alleviate them. For the Ashtanga class, I like that it's more of a workout. I feel like I'm strengthening myself. That will be good for the labor part as well as getting back in shape afterwards.

Evolution of the Belly, Part 2

May 28th

July 4th