Sunday, May 04, 2008

Yoga Update

I have now been to the Yoga Source prenatal yoga class twice. I can definitely tell that it helps with opening up my abdomen area. The weekend before the class last week, I was feeling scrunched up. After the class, I felt taller and much more comfortable.

I am also going to try out a class at the Ashtanga studio. I won't be able to fit that into my schedule until next week. The one issue with that class is that it's at 5:30pm in Carytown. That's 25 minutes from work and I have to have time to change. That means I have to leave work by 4:45pm at the latest. That's a little early but I'm going to check out the class and then make a decision. I'll give another Yoga Update after that class next week.

1 comment:

ETK said...

Yay! That is a bit early, but maybe you could go in early on that day? Or stay late another day of the week? Would they let you do that?