Sunday, May 04, 2008

Brunch at Black Sheep

With my sister in town this weekend, it was a great excuse to try out the brunch at Black Sheep. I didn't even have to look at the menu. I knew I wanted the sausage gravy biscuits. SM (my sister) got the Beret Frittata. MTH got the special - huevos rancheros with mole verde and black beans.

My sausage gravy biscuits were definitely not from a can at all. The biscuits were light and airy. The gravy was not too thick and not too white nor greasy. Plus, they didn't drown the biscuits in it.

SM's frittata had a nice dose of goat cheese that allowed for some in every bite. The broccoli was perfectly cooked.

MTH's huevos looked great. I didn't really get to try it because of the undercooked eggs. Oh well, I did get the fresh tomatoes that went with it. They were so good. No acidity at all - just sweet. I should have asked where they got their tomatoes from.

We bought a piece of the peanut butter pie to have as dessert with dinner. That was a nice ending to the day. The peanut portion of the pie is so light and airy, it's almost like peanut butter marshmallow cream. Then, the pie shell is some graham crackers with a nice layer of chocolate on top. I highly recommend this dessert when you go make your own visit.


ETK said...

Sounds delish!

December said...

HEY there - your blog is making me drooly!!

ETK had mentioned through another blogger (its a game of 6 degrees to K.bacon!)
that you may have some suggestions of good hotels in Paris? I'm going in Sept, just looking for a nice/ affordable place in town. Thanks in advance for any help!

MMH said...

It's been a while but the last time I was there, we stayed in a hotel called Hotel Residence Monge. It was not a luxury hotel but it was also not what I'd call a budget hotel. It's not too far from St. Germain. It's near the Place Monge Metro. I've also stayed at the Westminster on rue de la Paix. That was much more expensive. It depends on what you want. I have heard that the Marriott Champs-Elysees is not so great because the Champs-Elysees is so touristy. Hotel Monge is my only affordable suggestion. Hope that helps. I'll be having a baby in September and who knows when I'll return to Paris :)

MMH said...

ETK: We could go here for lunch/brunch when you fly into RIC at the end of the month.