Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Camera

I'm meeting a friend from my fall photography class at noon today to start going over some class notes that ETK sent to me a week or so ago. In my original class, I had hoped to learn about white balance, aperture, F-stop, etc. But, that was not what the class ended up being about. ETK's class was. Hopefully in the next few months, you'll see a difference in my pictures due to my new knowledge.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Flickr: Time Suckr

I haven't updated my blog in the past 3 days because I've been working on trying to upload all of my pictures. But, it's not just about uploading. They must be organized. Organizing includes: adding tags, adding titles where needed, putting the pictures into sets and/or collections. Plus, I could geo-tag them all! I'm almost done uploading all of the pictures and probably about halfway done organizing them.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Personal DAP

At work, we create something called a Development Action Plan. I have decided to create a personal DAP instead of New Years' Resolutions. I had planned to get get these out on my blog early in the year but the computer mishap put me behind a bit.

I know that everyone is getting on the "green" wagon but I do feel stronly about this one. MTH can back me up that I can be quite crazy about taking stuff out of the trash can and putting it into the recycling bin
1. Recycle all electronics as they are no longer used.
2. Recycle all plastic, paper, aluminum and glass - do not allow it to go into the garbage can.
3. Replace all traditional light bulbs with CFL light bulbs by the end of the year.

There will be more added here as there are more things to be done around the house!
1. Spring clean our closets - take all old clothing to the thrift store by the end of March
2. Organize the back room by the end of April
3. Plant flowers in the front yard by end of April
4. Plant flowers in the back yard by end of May

I don't necessarily want a new job right now but I don't think that I'm prepared to look for a job if it suddenly became necessary
1. Update resume (by the end of February) and actively look for a job – for practice (by end of April)

These speak for themselves
1. Make more friends – need something measurable
2. Update blog at least once per week - already fell down on the job on this one!
3. Self study Photography 101 with rollergirl
4. Learn how to can food this summer

1. Figure out what's next?
2. Finish half Ironman in 6 hours or less
3. Less swearing
4. Eat more fruit – need something measurable

How do people find my blog?

As other fellow bloggers have pointed out, there are many "lurkers" out there. I find it interesting to look at the keywords that bring people to my blog. Here's a breakdown from most popular:

1. Photography Assignment
2. Front room furniture
3. Running outfit review
4. Pizza
5. Big Eyes
6. Mediterranean cuisine
7. Weddings
8. Baxley
9. Buffalo Burger
10. Cookout
11. Kickball
12. Phoebe
13. Ireland

Note that using my discretion, I aggegrated some of the keywords into the words above.

I guess it's not all that surprising that Baxley is so far down the list even though it's in my blog's title - there just aren't that many people yearning to learn more about Baxley. Instead, they want to know about photography assignments and front room furniture.

It would be nice if one day one of these people would comment!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Listen to Me!!

I just got the best picture of Phoebe with the computer camera!!

Out of Commission

I haven't updated over the past few days due to the lack of a computer. MTH and I were drinking some wine on Saturday night and he decided that the computer also needed to have a taste. Unfortunately, computers and liquids do not mix. The short story is that the motherboard got fried and we had to go buy a new computer on Sunday. But, of course, we wanted our data from the old computer. Thus, the wait. The data transfer took 3 days. Now, I'm on my new Macbook. I have to admit, it's quite fun to have a new computer. The best part is the little camera above the screen. MTH and I spent at least 30 minutes playing with it last night.

I hope to post more tonight but if not, it probaby won't happen until Sunday night as I"m off to Atlanta tomorrow afternoon for a weekend of debauchery with the "ikki" part of Stikki.

Friday, January 04, 2008


I just transitioned into a new role at my company which meant I had to move to a new cube (again - it was my 3rd time in 2007). I was good this time and decorated my cube with some pictures of friends. One of these pictures is at eye level when I look just to the right of my computer screen. It's from the Fall of 1999. It's a picture of a group of us that went to the GA Tech versus UVA game in Charlottesville. 2.718, loud and CLM are there along with a few others (Jesus hair, loud and 2.718's previous roommate who drove an Acura Integra and a few others I don't know their names anymore). Anyway, the reason I'm writing about this picture is that I just noticed loud's face. Everyone in the picture except loud is smiling big. Not loud. She's smirking – like, why am I here with these bozo's? It makes me smile every time I look at it.