Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Personal DAP

At work, we create something called a Development Action Plan. I have decided to create a personal DAP instead of New Years' Resolutions. I had planned to get get these out on my blog early in the year but the computer mishap put me behind a bit.

I know that everyone is getting on the "green" wagon but I do feel stronly about this one. MTH can back me up that I can be quite crazy about taking stuff out of the trash can and putting it into the recycling bin
1. Recycle all electronics as they are no longer used.
2. Recycle all plastic, paper, aluminum and glass - do not allow it to go into the garbage can.
3. Replace all traditional light bulbs with CFL light bulbs by the end of the year.

There will be more added here as there are more things to be done around the house!
1. Spring clean our closets - take all old clothing to the thrift store by the end of March
2. Organize the back room by the end of April
3. Plant flowers in the front yard by end of April
4. Plant flowers in the back yard by end of May

I don't necessarily want a new job right now but I don't think that I'm prepared to look for a job if it suddenly became necessary
1. Update resume (by the end of February) and actively look for a job – for practice (by end of April)

These speak for themselves
1. Make more friends – need something measurable
2. Update blog at least once per week - already fell down on the job on this one!
3. Self study Photography 101 with rollergirl
4. Learn how to can food this summer

1. Figure out what's next?
2. Finish half Ironman in 6 hours or less
3. Less swearing
4. Eat more fruit – need something measurable

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