Friday, January 05, 2007

National Portrait Gallery

MTH and I went to the re-opened Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery last Friday. That was probably one of my more fun days during my 2 week vacation. As I mentioned in an earlier post, MTH and I had some wellness issues while on vacation. Both of us didn't feel well at different points during our time off which made it not as fun as it should have been. Anyway, we headed down to the Gallery Place area for lunch and then the museum. We ended up having lunch at Fado's. I had a very good beef stew and MTH had a buffalo grilled chicken sandwich. We then spent over 2 1/2 hours in the museum. The President's portrait section was the most interesting to me. There was a blurb about each president. I had this book when I was younger that had a one page bio about each president. It only went through the 40th president (George Sr.). Although I didn't memorize the president's in order, it did help to me actually have heard of all of the presidents. It was amazing how much I remembered from that book. Like I said, not that I could have recited it but it still reminded me of when I would read anything so I would have something to read. Even the president's book for the 50th time!

Of course, the portrait gallery is much too large to see in one visit. MTH and I will have to go back to see the rest. Plus, it has special exhibitions all the time so there will always be something new to see.


loud said...

THE PROTRAIT GALLERY IS FINALLY OPEN?!?!?!? OH MY GOD! I've been trying to go for YEARS! Sweet. I have something to do when I come and visit...and you too since you didn't see everything.

2.718 said...

YOU AREN'T THE ONLY ONE! I started trying to go back in the late-90s! It's about time that it reopened!

Maybe I'll come visit MMH now... Oh wait, she's moved.