Monday, January 01, 2007

Trip to NYC

MTH is on "vacation" until around 1/22. During that time, he actually has a lot to get done. Work out as much as possible, ensure the house is ready to be sold, play golf with his Dad, go on a trip with me, find us a place to live in Richmond. Actually, the nice part is we get corporate housing for the first 2 months so will have time to find a place once we're there. Also, since we've lived there before, we know the neighborhoods and already have an idea of what we want.

Well, about the trip to NYC. We had thought about trying to go somewhere warm but for some reason couldn't pull the trigger. I think the reason for me at least was that we've had some travel bad luck over the past month and a half. When we went to Key West in November, we got record low temperatures. When we went to Wintergreen (for snowboarding) before Christmas, we got warm temperatures (along with a sick MTH). Therefore, I'd like to take a lower risk vacation this time. NYC seems like the right place for that. Plus, we should be able to see EE and her new baby as well as MKN and her new baby. Yes, there's something in the water :)

We're also planning on going to see Spamalot on Broadway. We'll check out at least one museum and otherwise, if the weather allows, just walk around and enjoy the city.

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