Monday, February 20, 2006

Day Off Update

Things haven't worked out quite as planned. I met TV at her house in order to see her kitchen renovation ideas. She has some good ones but I'm so glad it's not me. MTH and I already dealt with renovating a kitchen and it's really no fun at all. Then, we headed for St. Elmo's get a muffn and some coffee. Our plan was to then go to the National Gallery to check out the new Cezanne exhibit but we decied that it would be mobbd due to the holiday and so we would go to the new Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit at the Phillips Collection. We get over to Dupont and walk to the museum to find... it's closed on Mondays!!! So, we walked to Connecticut Ave and just checked out a few stores. She then dropped me near Georgetown and I walked the rest of the way to meet AL. We met near Wisconsin Ave and then headed to Cafe Bonaparte - a little creperie several blocks up Wisconsin. We had to wait about 20 minutes for a table at 1:45! People were definitely enjoying their day off. We didn't leave there until close to 4pm. We had a nice lazy lunch and all we ate were crepes! Then, we went to Banana Republic, Coach and White House Black Market. I found a nice pair of pants and a sweater for MTH at Banana (I had a 15% discount card so I had a good reason to spend money :)

Now, I'm finally back home and still haven't made it to the grocery store or the airport to pick up my rental car for the drive to Richmond. I have to leave in a few minutes or they'll take away my reservation for the car. I may write another entry again tonight since I'll be gone until Thursday night.

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ETK said...

aren't you back yet??? :) Waiting for updates from the week....