Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Valentine's Day is coming up

So, although I sent out cards and gifts, I don't really buy into the "commercial holiday". It's a way for stores to make money. But, I'll admit I did have fun making cards and sending out chocolates to friends and family. Hopefully, they'll enjoy it. I'll be in Richmond next Tuesday so MTH will have to celebrate without me :) He and the cat can spend a romantic night at home. Maybe he'll buy her some canned food as a special treat. On second thought, we don't want to get her addicted.

Anyway, about Valentine's day. What makes it special? What's the point? Aren't we supposed to love each other every day of the year? I guess other holidays could be summed up the same way though - July 4th, for example - aren't we supposed to cherish our independence and freedom every day. But, we still have a special holiday just to do that. It's usually a lot of fun too.

So, maybe Valentine's Day is a good holiday after all. The stores just need to stop stocking Valentine's candy BEFORE Christmas. I'm not kidding, I saw bags of Valentine's candy prior to Christmas Day!!!

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