Thursday, February 09, 2006


Now that MTH and I are married, I'm looking forward to attending other people's weddings and just chilling! It looks like we'll be going to St. Thomas in early July for the wedding of SY and JS. Then, I've heard from MTH that MDH and KS have set the date for 11/18 in South Beach at the Palms. I absolutely love South Beach so I'm excited that MTH will finally get to see it. Plus, going for a wedding should be awesome. I'm supposed to go with EE an MAK in early June. The three of us have got to on the planning soon. Looks like lots of beach time this year. I better buy some sunscreen. I'm sure I'll need some new sunglasses, sandals, bathing suits, etc! Plus, MTH still owes me a Christmas present. I found out that he actually had picked something out for me but that he then couldn't find it. It was a Coach bag I had asked for earlier in the fall. Since he's a boy, he didn't understand that it was a limited edition and he should have bought it as soon as I sent him the email!!! Oh well, I'll take him shopping this weekend and we'll finally rectify this no Christmas gift issue!!

I'll stop typing now since it seems that I'm going crazy with the exclamation points for some reason.

PS ETK - I don't think I'll be able to talk MTH into buying me a Gucci. Maybe you'll be so lucky.

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ETK said...

Boys are so silly - they just don't get the fact that bags have SEASONS!!! Arrgg!!

But, alas, no luck pour moi - I am certain there is no Gucci in my future. Although Mr. CEO did mention my "new compensation package" tonight....wonder wonder wonder!