Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Weekend

MTH and I went to the Caps game last night. This time we got the tickets from his company. I'm just not a hockey fan. We left a little early, thank goodness. We headed to the District Chophouse. They have this oatmeal stout that's aged in bourbon barrels. It's so smooth. Since MTH and I had already eaten "snacks" at the game, we shared a burger and fries. Today, I was planning to do my Pilates DVD but MTH didn't set up the DVD player. Hopefully I'll get him to do it before next weekend. This afternoon I bought Valentine's gifts. They'll be in the mail on Monday!

Tonight, MTH and I were supposed to go to see "Walk the Line" at the Old Town Theater but MTH was under the weather this afternoon. He slept for at least 2 hours. So, this evening, we ended up staying in and cooking dinner here. It turned out nicely. Then we played Scrabble and drank Kir Royales.

Tomorrow's the big day - Super Bowl XL!! We still haven't figured out our menu yet. We're going to try to go for a "healthy" menu but I have a feeling that'll be hard to do. I'll update tomorrow.

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