Friday, February 03, 2006

Resolutions 2006

Let's revisit my resolutions and get a status update

Take vitamins and eat more veggies Yellow - I'm doing better than in December but not near what I'd like to do
Write all of our thank you notes by the end of January RED - We haven't written one yet and it's now February
Finish all Christmas shopping and card writing by 12/15/06 (I know it’s a bit long term but I was frazzled last year with work and Christmas so I’ve got to plan better this year) Green - Can't be less than Green until next December!
Continue running – MTH and I are signed up for the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run Yellow - hurting my back cut into my training time this week but I did run for the first time again today

My plan is to continue eating more veggies and to actually buy a multi-vitamin - I can't take one if I don't have one.

For the thank you notes, we just have to sit down and do them. My new goal is to finish them by the end of February.

As long as I have no more injuries, I feel good about the running. That one will be in Green.

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QY said...

Nice use of project management terms! My new year's resoluation is to learn French, but I haven't started yet, so I guess its red. :)