Saturday, February 11, 2006

21 P

We went to a new restaurant last night called 21 P. As you can guess, that's also the address. I really enjoyed my salad with goat cheese dressing but the salmon entree was the highlight for me (that is, until they brought the check - I'll explain later). With the bread, they brought olive oil that was steeped in some sort of spicy flavor. It was very good. MTH and SM (MTH's friend, not my sister) both got the pork tenderloin. I think that they liked it. I would say the only bad thing about the dinner was the lighting. One set of the lights wouldn't stop flashing. It was weird and annoying! They did have a nice wine - Luis Felipe Cabernet Sauvignon. Luis Felipe is a Chilean vineyard. MTH and I first tried their carmenere. It's an inexpensive but good wine. I would recommend trying out any of their wines if you happen to see them in the store.

At the end, when the waiter brought the check, he also brought walnut brittle. SM (MTH's friend, not my sister) and I loved it. SM (MTH's friend, not my sister) even asked for seconds - I was so glad that he did.

Since I don't really rate restaurants, I don't know how many stars to give it but instead I'll rate restaurants as to whether I'd go back again or not. In this case, I give it a thumbs up!


QY said...

I didnt see your explanation to the check :)

Good comments about wine in your blog

MMH said...

It's in the 2nd to last paragraph :) The waiter brought walnut brittle with the check and we loved it!!