Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow Man

MTH built a nice snowman after he cleaned off the sidewalk. We definitely got a good amount of snow but thank goodness it's already stopped snowing. The sun is even out now. I'm sure that MAK is happy not to be in Boston anymore. It looks like they'll get the worst of it. I guess that EE and SA are not able to go out and enjoy the weekend since they're up in NJ now. And, ETK is keeping her fingers crossed that she won't have to go to Boston until Tuesday but according to her comment earlier, it seems that she may have to go.


QY said...

The snow man is lovely. I made one today as well. Will see if by next weekend I can finaly upload some pictures, weekends are so short!

MMH said...

If I have time tonight, there may be a snowman update :)

ETK said...

What a cute snowman!!!!!!! I'm jealous!!!!