Monday, February 20, 2006

Running Update

Last week was a good week for running. Even though I wasn't able to go on 2/12 due to the snowstorm, I got up that Monday morning and ran my 4 miles on a treadmill. Then, Tuesday night before my girls' Valentine's Night out, I ran 3.7 miles (time was short as I had to take a shower and meet AL in the hotel lobby at 8pm). Then, I did my Thursday run on Friday morning as I had plans on Thursday night. Yesterday, I did my long run (5 miles) with the new running group. I'm so glad that I joined the group. I would have had a really hard time getting myself up normally since it was 15 degrees outside!!!! But, since I was meeting people there, I had that extra push to get out there.

This week is shaping up to be good. I'll be able to run Tuesday night and then my Thursday night run will have to be on Friday morning again as I'll be driving back from Richmond that night. Then, I'll meet up with the group again on Sunday morning. I've also been doing my Pilates DVD here and there. I'll try to do it Wednesday night in the hotel room - I can use my laptop as a DVD player.

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QY said...

You are very deciplined besides organized. :)