Thursday, January 26, 2006

Waiting for MTH

MTH is out for dinner with work people. Phoebe and I are laying here in bed (I love wireless DSL and laptops!) hanging out. I just finished some work. ETK would be disappointed - I've been to Whole Foods 3 times this week now. I'm definitely a hippie yuppie. I even bought some organic chocolate (it's all they had). I did find a good, inexpensive wine there. It's a tempranillo - a red Spanish wine. Since I'm upstairs and the bottle's downstairs, I can't write the name here.

MTH should be home soon. He text messaged me earlier to say he was leaving. MTH's time is not quite the same as mine so I always add at least 30 minutes to what he tells me. I learned that after about 2 years or so of knowing him.

No real weekend plans yet - we may be meeting some friends for dinner on Saturday night but that's all that I know of so far.

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