Monday, January 09, 2006

Cheese and Chocolate Tasting

The chocolate and cheese tasting were awesome. Yes, chocolate and cheese actually do go together. First, we learned about how chocolate is harvested and processed. It flourishes in climates 15 degrees away from the equator each way. But, it's almost entirely processed in Europe.

We tasted unsweetened, bittersweet, dark, milk and white. The white chocolate is made from cocoa butter which does come from the chocolate bean.

Then, we tasted cheeses that pair well with sweet tastes. Some of my favorites were: Chaource, Montbriac, Belletoile (triple creme brie), Purple Haze, the very familiar Gruyere, Honey Goat and the very good but weird sounding Chocolate Goat.

The tasting took place at Cheesetique in Del Ray.

The chocolate is from a cute little shop in Old Town called Kingsbury Chocolate.


ETK said...

I am dying to know what Chocolate Goat tastes like.... :)

MMH said...

It tastes like a chocolate cheesecake but not as sweet. I think for my next party I'll make little "canapes" using some type of cookie and spreading the cheese on top. Then, sprinkle some chocolate. I think it would be awesome!!