Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Driving to Richmond

It’s amazing. I’ve been driving to Richmond for work for over 4 years now. I go almost every Tuesday and Wednesday (staying over Tuesday night). MTH talks about moving back there but because I feel like I’ve never left, I really would rather not. Of course, if that is what makes sense at some point, then that’s what we’ll do. It is a lot less expensive than DC. But, there’s also less to do. It’s also crazy how well I know the different exits between mile markers 84 and 170 on I-95. I know which ones have gas stations close to the exits and which ones don’t. To pass the time, I usually call people on my cell phone. It’s one of the ways that I try to keep up with talking on the phone. Some of you are probably already aware of this practice of mine :)

1 comment:

ETK said...

LOL - I'm aware... I'll get these random calls and then you'll cut off midway through the call. :)