Sunday, January 22, 2006

Steelers are going to the Super Bowl

If only I had my Steelers pj's like when I was little (I'm sure Mom can remember how old I was). I didn't really understand football back then but I liked sitting with Pop while he watched the football. He would yell when the referee's made the wrong call but since those were winning years for the Steelers, it always ended great.

Let's hope for some of that old fun at the Super Bowl in 2 weeks.

Yes, I'm bored since MTH is not here. That's why I have 3 posts in 1 day.


ETK said...

What?!?! - Did MTH take a day off? No posts today, so MTH must be home. :)

MMH said...

MTH was at work from 7am until 7pm on Sunday :(

I'm in Richmond, as usual, so no posts. Maybe tonight.