Friday, January 06, 2006

The First Weekend of the New Year

I've had 2 ideas for what to post today during the day. But, I didn't write them down so now I can't remember what they were. I guess that's typical. They seemed so great at the time.

The weekend is here. We don't really have any plans but I'm hoping that they include seeing MTH. He's been working a LOT lately. And, next week, I have to be in Richmond for 3 days. I think we'll go for sushi tonight and then who knows for tomorrow night.

On Sunday night, I'm going to a chocolate/cheese tasting at our neighborhood cheese store, Cheesetique. It's great. Because I've been to 2 other tastings in the past, I was invited to this "exclusive" event. MTH is not sure if he'll be available so AL is joining me for this one.

I'll definitely give an update of the tasting!

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