Friday, January 27, 2006

Pictures from SF

As expected, I had a great time in SF. MTH wasn't able to make it due to work so it wasn't as much fun as it should have been. Plus, the DirecTV on the JetBlue flight there wasn't working. On Friday, MAK and I went shopping at Nordstrom's and spent way too much time and money in there (lots of fun though!). Here's a picture of the shoes that MAK made me buy.
That night we checked out a restaurant called The House. It's Asian inspired gourmet. I had a nice grilled salmon. We went out to the Savoy Tivoli, a great place to hang out, drink and talk. MAK was much more than buzzed. It was quite fun although at some points I thought I was going to fall over due to the jet lag.

Saturday was the highlight of the weekend as that's when we headed to Sonoma for wine tasting. MAK's boyfriend PT was so wonderful to drive us around. His friend DK joined us as well. I think that Sonoma is a much better place for tasting than Napa. There were much less people and the tasting fees are much lower. The first place we went was called Schug Winery. I bought a Pinot Noir there. MTH and I have already drunk that one. Then, we headed to Gloria Ferrer for champagnes. Our next stop was Gundlach Bundschu. There MAK decided to become a member of the wine club and she made friends with the guy pouring the wine. See the next picture - he kept mentioning that "bigger is always better - i.e. magnum bottles of wine versus regular ones".

For fun, the rest of us got our picture taken as well.

At that point, we were very hungry. So, we made our way to Sonoma where we picked up cheese from the Cheesemaker's Daughter and bread from a bakery. Then, we went to our last winery, Castle Vineyards. We were able to buy a bottle of wine and drink and eat right in the winery. That was very nice of them.

On Sunday, MAK and I went to dim sum. Definitely something everyone should do when they're in SF!

That night, we cooked dinner. We bought a little too much steak but otherwise, it was wonderful. My flight back on JetBlue was much better than my flight out. I had the window seat and the TV worked!!

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