Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Here's to a great year!

I've read back through my previous posts. I think that I sound a bit negative. I guess especially on the last one since I wasn't feeling well. But, I'm mostly back to my old self again. I worked from home today since I didn't feel like driving to Richmond after my cold but will be there tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to MLK, Jr weekend. MTH and I are going to visit MAK in San Francisco. We've already got some wine tasting planned and possibly a trip to Sausalito or a hike or both. I'm hopefully going to talk MTH into going to Dim Sum. He's not a big fan but I definitely want to try it in SF.

It's hard to have a lot to write when I haven't really left the house for over 2 days. We watched the Sugar Bowl last night. As a GA Tech fan, it was great to see the Georgia fans flabbergasted by West Virginia. They just couldn't believe that West Virginia could possibly beat them.

I guess tonight we'll watch the Orange Bowl and then tomorrow night will be the big one - the Rose Bowl. Somehow MTH has kind of gotten me into football. It seems to help at work as it gives me something to talk about with my co-workers. I actually find it enjoyable to discuss sometimes but I'm definitely not expert.

In one of my previous posts, I said that I'd upload a picture of our cat, Phoebe. Even though it has nothing to do with my subject, here she is.


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