Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Amazingly, Phoebe is holding up very well with Peanut in the house. The beginning was not good. Peanut decided he needed a diaper change the moment we walked in the door from the hospital. But, the Pack and Play was not set up yet so we had to get everything together and do it on the couch. Well, he was crying loudly so Phoebe had to check out what was going on. But, we didn't want her there so MTH's Mom was pushing her to get away. She started puffing up but did not swat or bite (I think there may have been a little hissing). Then, Peanut decided to pee right straight up into the air (see Automatic Sprinkler picture below :) I'm sure a video of the scene would have been great especially it took three of us to change him. Needless to say, we've gotten a lot better. And, Phoebe has been a little curious but has not jumped into the Pack and Play, co-sleeper or the changing table! She doesn't get on our bed that much anymore. The good part though is otherwise she seems pretty much the same. When she's content, she holds her tail in the air and she's doing that again.


MAH said...

too bad you dont have a video of that first diaper change.
and i am glad phoebe is doing ok.

Anonymous said...

We had a screen door on the baby's room, a good ole fashioned simple one. It's really easy to put up and take down once you are done. It keeps the kitties out of the room, from peeing on everything, and snuggling up with the baby when you aren't looking. :-)