Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On Facebook

There's a group on Facebook called "Yeah... I'm from Baxley...". The description:

Budlight Presents: "Real American Heroes"
Today we salute you Baxley Residents,
For all those people from the "BIG" town of Baxley that no one has ever hear of and others look at you funny when you tell them that's where you are from. You are blessed my friend to live in the town with only 5 red lights, 6 fast-food establishments, a Wal-Mart and no movie theatre or mall. Because it could be worse you could be from Alma or Hazlehurst! So crack open an ice cold bud light Baxley Residents we know you know everybody's business in town.

Pretty funny if you're from Baxley. When I was growing up, there were only 3 red lights, 2 fast food establishments and no Wal-Mart. They've really come up in the world!


loud said...

It's the center of the universe, and now Facebook officially recognizes it!

MMH said...

I have to make sure that Peanut is aware that it's the center of the universe :)