Monday, September 01, 2008


Ok - I signed up. Once you get it set up, it could definitely take up a lot of time but it seems like it could also be a good way to keep up with people and not take up as much time as I thought. It's quite fun to see who else is on it. We'll see who accepts my invitations to be "friends" :)

And, maybe MTH will join too.

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ETK said...

Once you get used to it you settle into a routine too - you look at status updates, do some super poking, maybe accept and send a few plants or flair or whatever you've managed to get addicted too. Then, you'll see that randomly you check throughout the day and just hit send. I probably seem like I'm on facebook all day long but I bet all in all I only spend about 5-10 a day on it total!

My favorite is updating my status from my phone. Or poking from my phone. i can't super poke yet from my phone though.