Saturday, September 06, 2008


We like tofu.

I made two meals this week with extra firm tofu. MTH loved both of them. Check out the Veggie Tofu Stir Fry and the Italian Veggie Tofu Pasta Salad.

Many things make these great:
1. Tofu is cheap but good.
2. Lots of veggies so it's good for you.
3. Quick and easy to make.


MAH said...

i might have to try one of those this week.. does tofu stay good for left overs?

MMH said...

I had the Italian pasta salad leftover and tasted just as good. I bought one package and used it for the two recipes (1/2 pound of tofu for each). But, if you're just making it for yourself, you could make even less at the time. That's the great thing about these recipes. And, they're quick!