Thursday, September 25, 2008

By Ourselves (Almost)

Logan and I made it by ourselves today. Of course, we were eased into the transition as my Mom didn't leave until around 11am today. So, she held him while I was getting ready. Tomorrow morning will be the real deal.

He was a good boy today. He was awake for a while in his Pack and Play bassinet while I did a few things around the house but he didn't cry too much. I, of course, checked on him every few minutes and he ended up only making a couple of cries and then just lay there looking around. We also had a visitor. A friend who used to live in Richmond who now lives in Colorado happened to be in town. MTH even came home to visit with us. She held Peanut for a while and he slept peacefully in her arms.

He's asleep now. I'm hoping that he's not slept too much today and then won't sleep tonight. We had a little problem with sleeping last night but I think it was a new parent mistake. It's all of a sudden gotten cooler and I think that he a little cool. As soon as I picked him up and put him on my stomach, he fell right to sleep. We're going to put a hat and socks on him tonight. He's swaddled and wearing a onesie at night but the feet portion of the swaddle is only one layer and of course, there's nothing on his head. Hopefully he'll sleep more soundly tonight. I took a nap this morning so that helped me make it through the day.

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