Monday, April 28, 2008

My first foray into tofu

For some reason, I decided that I really wanted to try out cooking tofu. Therefore, we had veggie tacos last week. The ingredients included: firm tofu, roasted carrots, roasted potatoes and roasted sweet potatoes. To prepare the tofu, I pressed out some of the moisture using paper towels and cubed it. Then, I made a dry rub of chili powder, cumin, cayenne, a little salt, red pepper flakes and fresh ground pepper. I added the cubes of tofu to the rub and stirred to coat. Using a pan with some heated olive oil, I sauteed some onion and green pepper. I then added the tofu and proceeded to get a nice brown coating. Since the rest of the veggies were already cooked, I added them last just to heat them through. We put the mixture on corn tacos. MTH loved it! I had enough for dinner the next night. The best part? The pound of tofu cost $1.79!!! That's way cheaper than a pound of meat.

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