Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day Care

MTH and I went on our first tour of a day care on Friday morning. It seemed like a good place except for the extremely strong smell of bleach in the infant room. I guess that could be a good thing in terms of keeping the babies from sharing ALL of their germs. But, I'm not sure about the fumes. Anyway, that was the only thing that struck me as a problem. The ratio of teachers is 1 to 4. About half of all teachers are first aid and CPR certified. A lot of the teachers have teaching backgrounds. They have development plans for the infants. Each day the parents are given a sheet of paper to tell them what the child did that day. Of course, the sad part about that is that instead of seeing what your child did that day yourself, you get a piece of paper that tells you.

We go to see two more day cares this week - one tomorrow and one on Friday.

All of them have waitlists that go past the date when we would need a day care. We need to find some other candidates in order to have a better chance of finding one. I think we'll look at the possibility of a nanny but the cost is probably more than we'll want to spend.

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