Sunday, February 04, 2007

Tobacco Row versus The Fan

We are currently living in temporary housing in a neighborhood called Tobacco Row. As its name implies, the buildings here were originally built for the tobacco industry. Click here to learn more.

When we move in the near future, we'll be living in The Fan. It's historically been residential since its beginning. Our "new" house was built in 1910. The houses closer to downtown are even older. It's the original suburb of Richmond. It makes sense. Before there were cars, it took a lot longer to go from the city center to the "outskirts". It's amazing what cars have made possible. Now, more people live in the counties surrounding Richmond than in the city of Richmond. The great thing is that Richmond is starting to come back. But, all of the stores are still a drive to outside the city. My work is 21 miles from my current apartment and will be about 18 miles from my new place!


Dennis Matthews said...

about 900,000 people live in what we call the city of Richmond. Henrico County makes the total about 1.2 Million people. 1.2 M minus 900,000 equals Henrico. Not to say that you're wrong because I assume you're talking about more the county the city is in, right? Taxi to carytown? Unheard of, but I do hear the weather's been nasty recently. Well its nice to see the descriptions of the city up and well written. Thanks.

MMH said...

If you check out the following site, you'll find that your numbers are incorrect,

Here's the summary (predicted for 2005*):
City of Richmond - 193,300
Chesterfield County - 286,500 (just south of Richmond)
Hanover County - 95,100 (just north of Henrico County)
Henrico County - 283,300 (surrounds Richmond on East and West Ends)
Greater Richmond - 858,200
Richmond MSA - 1,167,500

Therefore, there are actually only close to 200k people in Richmond and another 1mm that surround it.

* Could not find updated numbers but these are directionally right since there was no huge exodus of people from the counties into the city.