Thursday, February 01, 2007

Good Morning

I haven't been as good about posting because we currently don't have wireless internet. I have to sit at a desk in order to use the computer. I've gotten really used to being able to take the computer wherever I want in the house. Anyway, the reason I'm posting right now is that MTH gets up very early in order to get his workout done for the day. I've gone with him once (he just started going in the mornings when we moved here to Richmond). I expect to go a few more times before we move to the new place. Once we move, it won't be as convenient for me to go in the mornings. Since we're currently living in an apartment building, the fitness center is just steps from our apartment. When we move, he'll have to drive to the gym. He'll be able to take a shower there and drive straight to work. I would rather not have to take all of my products to the gym in order to get ready after working out. Also, people in his office don't get in as early as they do in my office so he has more time in the mornings.

Living here in Richmond definitely has some positives. I'm sure everyone is aware that the housing is much less expensive here than in the DC area. Well, just about everything else is less expensive. I bought a tall skim latte at Starbuck's on Sunday. It was three dollars even. In DC, it's at least $3.30. I realize that's a small difference but it definitely adds up. MTH picked up our dry cleaning yesterday. He thinks that it cost at least half of what we were paying before.

Of course, there are some negatives as well. While the grocery store is cheaper, they don't have quite the selection that I've gotten used to. It's certainly not the end of the world but I will miss some things.

It looks like like it's going to snow today. That means I could be home early. I'm definitely not going to stay around at work if it starts snowing. Our offices are out in the woods and I don't want to get stuck there!

Gotta go get ready for the day.

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