Friday, December 30, 2005


MTH loves to play his Xbox. The funny part about it is I'm the one that got the XBox for him. Not on purpose though. I won it through a drawing. Anyway, when MTH gets a new game, he's obsessed.

He now has a new one called Half Life. As usual, the objective is to kill the weird nasty looking aliens (even if they were originally humans that are now inhabited by the aliens) before they kill you. There is some mystery to the games. You have to figure out where to go and there really isn't a guide book. The biggest reason I don't like the games is that they are loud and the noises are not fun to listen to.

When MTH plays his football games though, it can be fun because it's kind of like watching a real game (although he did one lead UB to winning season - unfortunately, that's not reality - yet).

It's almost time for New Years!

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