Sunday, August 05, 2007

Walking Score

I just found this website on another blog:

Our current place has a score of 80 out of 100. That means that we could get by without a car. Of course, that would mean that we both couldn't work since there's no real public transit here in the great city of Richmond. Our previous place only got a score of 62. The site says that they don't take public transportation into account. So, if they did, the scores would definitely have to be flipped. But, I think what the scores do say is that there's a lot more small restaurants and store to walk to from our place in Richmond than there were in Alexandria. For example, within a tenth of a mile of our place now, we can go to a market that has all the groceries you could need for emergencies, a wine store and a Starbuck's coffee shop. In addition, there's several restaurants/bars in that same radius. There was only a store with moldy bread within a tenth of a mile of our house in Alexandria.

My parents house got an 8. That would be because there's nothing in walking distance except the car.

Check it out.


loud said...

My parents house got a 0. Damn!

ETK said...

MAN!!!!!!! I want to do our house, but Google's blocking right now 'cause they are busy. Look at all the traffic you generated! :)

Dasha said...

I believe that walk score is cool, but nowadays more and more people prefer to drive cars. Homes are often located in an area where some establishments are easier to get to by car than on foot. I've recently found a type of service on drivescore which is called Drive Score. It shows a map of what establishments are in your neighborhood and calculates a Drive Score based on the number of places within a convenient driving distance. It doesn’t mean that drive score is better than walk score – they are equal and both necessary in the modern world!

Anonymous said...

I've visited Drive score and now I find it really convinient tool. I've also found on a service which allows homebuyers to check what the climate is like in another town or city all year round before they move there. That's cool!