Friday, August 17, 2007

Running Clothes Review

Since I've been running a lot more lately, I thought I'd start reviewing some of the clothes that I wear. Some are definitely better than others.

I'll start with the normal shorts and shirt. This outfit is one of my favorites. It's comfortable and the little pocket inside the shorts is very easy to get to. Plus, the shorts don't ride up at all (very important!).

The next outfit is a new one. It's a running skirt. I had seen these around so thought I'd jump on the bandwagon. I actually like it but they do ride up more than I expected. The skirt makes it so that no one can tell. Plus, I feel like a tennis star in it!

The last outfit is skintight running shorts. They're ok. I wouldn't really recommend these as they ride up and there is no skirt to hide it. The shirt with sports bra is nice though. It's only one thing to worry about.

1 comment:

ETK said...

The skirt is cute! I haven't seen those. I do hate shorts that ride up -that sucks!!!

I like that your foot made it in 1-2 of those shots. :)