Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Day with BlondiePi

We had a great time hanging out and catching up yesterday. She seemed to be having a nice, relaxing vacation. She arrived with SDK and SDK's husband (who by the way, MTH and I are hoping to have dinner with at some point in the future since they're only an hour away in Williamsburg).

They all arrived around 9:45am yesterday. We headed over to Strawberry Street Cafe for breakfast. I was disappointed in mine but it seemed that the others liked there food. Then, SDK and husband left for an appointment. Blondie and I walked around the neighborhood. Although it was warm, it was quite temperate compared to the previous week! MTH went for a work out while we were on our walk and we planned to meet again at 2pm in order to go to the Virginia Center for Architecture. It's housed in a Tudor-Revival house on Monument Ave, just 4 blocks from our house. It was quite interesting to see and hear.

After the tour, Blondie and I headed to downtown Richmond for a snack. I, of course, took her to Cafe Gutenberg. I had a Peach Basil Gazpacho and a slice of toasted brioche with strawberry jam. Blondie had a toasted slice of brioche with Nutella. We both had coffee. I then showed her around the river by going to Brown's Island and the Canal Walk. The last point on the tour was the Hollywood Cemetery. It's quite an interesting place to visit. It has graves of people all the way back to the 1700's although it was not opened until the mid-1800's. There are some famous people in there including James Monroe. The only problem that I've found with the place is that it's hard to find your way back out. It's not laid out in a grid but is rather quite scenic and curvy with hills. Therefore, it's very easy to lose your way. We made it out but with only a few minutes to spare as we were told we must be out by 6pm!

When we got back to the house, we played a game of Scrabble. Blondie had told us she was not very good but I think she's a ringer! She beat us 189 to 130 (me) and 108 (MTH). Then for dinner, we sat outside at Curbside Cafe. MTH left us to go have some drinks with some summer associates from work. Blondie and I talked for a while and then because her flight left at 6:05am today, she went to bed. She did not make me get up to take her to the airport. She got a taxi instead. I definitely appreciate her thinking about my sleep on a Sunday morning!

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