Saturday, March 17, 2007

Phoebe The Cat: Her Favorite Word

It's 'Shower'. So, maybe I'm humanizing Phoebe by thinking that she can understand me when I say 'Shower'. But, she seems to understand as she starts running towrds the bathroom. Then, once I'm in the shower, she balances herself on the edge near the faucet so she can lick up the water that's dripping from the showerhead. Then, when I'm done, she continues to balance and licks the drops that come out. Sometimes, she even sits in the bathtub. For some reason, she loves this water. Here's some pictures to show how cute she is. In our new house, she's going to be very disappointed. The two bathrooms iwth showers do not have bathtubs that enable her to reach the faucet while we're taking a shower.

Here she's trying to catch a water drop with her paw! She sometimes almost falls into the bathtub trying for the waterdrops

Nice action shot - she's jumping into the tub

She's now sitting in the tub getting more of that fresh water

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