Saturday, March 03, 2007

Furniture Fun

MTH and I spent yesterday afternoon looking at furniture. We went to La Difference in Shockoe Slip near our apartment. We bought a new bed frame, dresser, chest and nightstand. We also looked at a couch but need to figure out if it will fit in our living room. Then, we headed to a store 2 doors down called These Four Walls. I thought we were just going to walk around. Then MTH fell in love with a red item. It's definitely going to add character to our new home! It may go in our front living room or in the dining room. We have no idea yet but MTH decided he had to have it :)

We then went to Sine for a snack. It's an Irish pub that's just 1 block away. While there, we talked about a writing desk that we had seen at These Four Walls. We decided that it made sense to go ahead and get the desk. Then, it will be delivered with the special red thing.

So, now our house is going to be more ready than I expected when we move in. Now, we just need to order the blinds!

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