Thursday, March 02, 2006

Why cats are like husbands

Phoebe and MTH have a lot in common. They can be needy. For example I was on the phone with ES of Baxley. Several times during my conversation, MTH would yell upstairs about something he needed. If hadn't been on the pohne and had wanted him to listen to something I had to say, he would have easily ignored me. Phoebe has this behavior down pat as well. Just a few minutes ago, I was trying to type on the computer. Phoebe decides that I really need her in my lap. Since this computer is a "lap"top, that means Phoebe was actually on the computer that I was trying to type on. Of course, if I wanted to pet her, she would run away and possibly even hiss at me.


sm said...

That's what cat treats are for!!?!! I guess that might work for mth too!

QY said...

This is a funny piece :)

Man and woman are totally different spieces, I gave up trying to talk, you know, those deep conversations about life, etc, with LM long time ago.