Monday, March 06, 2006

The Weird Cheese

QY was definitely interested in the new cheese I brought up this past weekend. She was very worried about the ash in the middle of the cheese. So, I took a picture of it so that she could see what it looks like.

Mobay Cheese just before MMH finished it all!

The part of the cheese on the left is goat's milk and the part on the right is sheep's milk. The blue line in the middle is the ash. You can eat all of it and it tastes wonderful. It's not pungent like you might think of a goat cheese tasting. It's milder like a sheep's cheese but with more robustness.

Yes, I know, I'm crazy about cheese. It's my new chocolate.


sm said...

Uh Oh!! Wallace better watch out. You'll be eating all the cheese. I'm sure there'll be plenty of stinking bishop left!!

QY said...

Thanks for the picture. yes, 'ASH' scared me, as it's the burned remains of woods or something even worse...but the cheese looks good in the picture, I will try to get some next time :)

Glad to read all your cheese reviews, it's very educational for me