Sunday, November 15, 2009

Things that Peanut Can Do

He has learned how to:
identify his tummy, ears and nose (most of the time)
blow kisses
sit down when asked.

We're told a lot that he's a very happy baby. I don't really have that many babies to compare so it's hard for me to know if he's any happier than most babies. But, I will say that he doesn't meet a stranger. When we go to the store, he looks at people until they smile at him. He will wave and wave and wave.

He hasn't quite learned how to walk yet but he's cruising everywhere. When he forgets himself, he lets go and will stand for a moment on his own. I'm sure he'll be walking soon and we'll wish that he was only crawling again.

We're getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday. We're going to have 13 people here for dinner (including Peanut). I'm looking forward to it. My Mom and I are planning the menu and starting to figure out what needs to be cooked when. I'm pretty certain I'll need to start cooking on Tuesday! She and Pop get here that evening. SM, MAH, BPH and wondermuss get here on Wednesday. MTH's parents get here Thursday morning.

After that, we'll be getting ready for the Christmas holidays. Although he won't be totally aware of what's going on, I'm sure he'll be very excited because everyone else is excited. Plus, he'll get extra attention since there will be so many people around.

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