Monday, September 07, 2009

Peanut is 1 Today (he was on 9/7/09 when I wrote it originally)

A year ago today at this time, he was almost 3 hours old. I think right about now I was being wheeled to my room and he was in the nursery getting his first bath. MTH was at home eating pizza and sleeping. He had been up with me since midnight. My friend, Britgirl, came over later that day. She said that Peanut was the youngest baby she'd ever seen. He certainly was for me too!

It's been a fun and hard year. We didn't get much sleep for the first 9 months. Peanut just couldn't figure out how to sleep 10-12 hours in row.

I never finished this post but decided to post this short piece that I did write. I'll keep trying to get back into blogging.

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