Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where would you eat in RVA?

If you were leaving Richmond, what would be your top ten restaurants you MUST visit before leaving? MTH and I were trying to figure out our list the other night. As we tried to figure it out, we ended up coming up with different categories of lists. As many of you know, Richmond actually has a lot of good restaurants! Here's a first draft (in no particular order):

Worth getting a babysitter for (or so we hope in the cases we haven't tried it yet):
1. Millie's
2. Edo's Squid
3. Mamma Zu's
4. Acacia
5. Stuzzi
6. Helen's
7. Secco
8. Bouchon
9. Comfort
10. Lemaire

Stop for a drink on the way home (or before dinner):
1. Belvidere on Broad
2. Boathouse at Rockett's
3. Helen's (it can do double duty)
4. Balliceaux (they don't take reservations so dinner is hard if there's a babysitter is involved)
5. The Fan House
7. Secco

Great for takeout (no babysitter needed):
1. Athen's Tavern
2. Deli Coliseum
3. 8 1/2 (it will be back soon!)

Dinner/Happy Hour with LTH (the baby):
1. Joe's Inn
2. Robin Inn
3. Can Can (it can do double duty)
4. Double T's
5. Kuba Kuba
6. Phoenician
7. Secco (it's possible)
8. Garnett's (he hugs the servers! And, I think they like it :)

Please give your comments on where you'd go in Richmond if you thought you wouldn't be able to partake of Richmond restaurants in the near future.


Shannon said...

Edo's Squid is fabulous! Love the linguine.

My "don't-wanna-forget-them-ever!" restaurants were some of my go-to's when the dining hall at VCU just wasn't going to cut it.

VCU Faves
1. Harrison Street Cafe
2. Elephant Thai
3. Verry Berry
4. Panda Veg
6. The Village
7. Assante's

Kristen said...

Whenever I visit Richmond I usually make a stop at three places (my favorites when I lived in town):

821 Bakery/Cafe (on Cary near Oregon Hill)
Sticky Rice
and Mama Zus (too close to home not to stop by!)

Nicole said...

Cafe Rustica needs to be on that list, in all categories.

kathy said...

These are awesome suggestions...I think I would have to do a take out lunch/dinner from Elwood Thomson, yes the market, I love their lunch food