Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Day at the Zoo

On Sunday, MTH and I headed to the National Zoo. Here are some photos.

Almost 5000 pounds, he's the baby at the zoo.

Pygmy hippo hanging out in the water.

He decided to make an appearance outside.

There's a panda asleep in the far left corner. Can you find the panda?

Perfectly framed by their favorite food, bamboo.

Golden tamarin

A close family of meerkats


Must be the male - very scary - he jumped out from nowhere

Looks like we need a bigger swatter

The tiger was talking to the zookeeper. It sounded like a very scary meow.

MTH is so brave!

The beaver is swimming while the duck suns himself.

I loved the curved neck of the white one.

Amazingly, they can stand on one leg for hours!

The zoo was fun.

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ETK said...

Great pictures! How is your photog class going? Baby and I were just talking about making a trip to the Asheboro zoo in NC. :)